Enjoy the view?

Many debate about various issues in the community and a consistent concern that I have is Robb Hollow an area over by Public Works.Robb Hollow

Commissioners have invested a great deal of money for our parks since 2012 after years of neglect.

Robb Hollow is the most devastated area (my opinion) in Mt Lebanon at this point that we can do something about as a community.

Yes, Church Place needs some items addressed, Williamsburg would like some things, and of course Main Park definitely needs some general maintenance issues addressed with our budget and maintenance program.

Look at this view and tell me if the others can wait.  Look at the properties on this blog post or the document.  If  we could “green this area” imagine the increase in the property values for those surrounding this entrance of Robb Hollow park and the image of our community.

This isn’t an issue about a potential park area actually becoming an actual park for surrounding residents, but it’s a community issue because these views are seen by residents and visitors that travel the roads of Cedar, Painters Run and Gilkeson Roads.

Robb HollowI hope that you will read Robb Hollow proposal by K Fraasch (large document, please be patient while loading) presented at the last Commissioner’s meeting.  This is one of many that I have presented to the Commission.

Next time you are driving down Cedar Blvd, take a look and see what you think.  Would you rather see this or something like a resident volunteer drafted (see in document/page 5).

Please find the following presentations given since 2012 about Robb Hollow included on my blog and another presentation provided in November 2013 to the full Commission Rehabilitation of robb hollow.


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