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2013-Unassigned-Funds draft

I wanted to talk about the bond that is recommended for Mt Lebanon and my support of certain items recommended.  I also want to address why I didn’t recommend a full renovation of Robb Hollow be added to this bond.

Parking Facilities Renovations  $3,418,650.00

I am on the parking facilities board as a liaison and have been familiar with the issues facing our garages and parking areas around the community.  Parking always seems to be an issue whether you are trying to find a spot on Beverly or Washington Road.  In aspects a person can assume it’s a perception issue, but more recently (maybe 2 years) we have seen more frequently the “Lot is Full” sign block the entrance of our parking areas.  At times with little explanation except the bustle of the day.

As a community we need to begin looking at these garages and parking areas, especially as our commercial districts grow.  I agree and support the items provided by staff about the much needed improvements to the facilities.

Mapleton/Marlin and Longvue Sewer Systems   $592,306.00 & $739,804.00

I know all too well about the ongoing issues related to the water/sewer concerns at Mapleton and Marlin Drive.  I have been asking about addressing the flooding concerns, specifically in this area over the last couple of years.  Especially last July, when I was wading through the water myself to check on residents in the highly affected areas.  We could wait a little while longer and add it to our stormwater program, however, it would be less costly now as other work will take place in the area and allow better access.  I can’t tell you how many times many of you (and me) have scratched our heads because of seeing a road re-dug up after it had been excavated recently.  Most often, the schedules just done mesh and it can’t be coordinated.  In this case however, we have the chance to coordinate schedules and do it right.  I am supportive.

Municipal Roof and Public Safety Building Renovations   $345,000 & $200,000

We have some renovations/maintenance issues with each building that need to be addressed sooner than later.  These two building are used by our staff and the community for a variety of meetings and events. The spaces are public spaces and we need to hold ourselves as accountable as our residents when buildings are aging and showing damage.

The municipal building has been noticeable for years.  If you have entered any of the conference rooms or Chamber you can look near the windows to see the water damage.  If you look up in the entrance of the building, again, you will see the water damage.  Common sense about water damage is that a.  it doesn’t go away   b.  it only gets worse.

The public safety building also has water issues and needs to be addressed because of window and masonry repairs that are leaking water. Again, the public utilizes the building as well as we have all of our public safety personnel occupying the facility.  It needs to be done.

Lindendale Renovation 

Lindendale Road has been an issue I have been advocating for since 2012.  I first heard about the issue from the Parks Advisory Board while I was serving as liaison.  It has been an issue of concern for flooding and safety reasons and needs to be done.  I know it’s not sexy like a park playset or anything else, but it’s truly an infrastructure issue that needs to be addressed.  I would like to see it allocated from the recommended bond and placed into unassigned funds.  It’s a smaller size project and we have the money from unassigned funds.

For further information click on the Lindendale Renovation above to the CIP, page 34.

2013 Unassigned Funds


Please find the document that I handed to my fellow Commissioners this week.

Safety Signage– We had several days with delays this year due to inclement weather.  It was brought to our attention from public safety and parents that our school speed signage does not illuminate on days of delay.   This is a safety issue in my opinion and a need for a basic upgrade for our community.  Why?

First, delayed days are the only time that ALL children no matter the grade are expected at school.  The chaos alone of that many children walking to school along with parents etc seems a higher risk in general.

Coupled with the signage not being illuminated we cannot force the lower speed rate for vehicles traveling in school zones or give any warning that kids might be within the area.

So this would address the safety issue and enforcement for our community for every school zone area.

Expensive, I know, but a part of our upgrades of signage throughout the community-yes.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Upgrades

We received a full number of items from our traffic consultants of ways to address some higher risk areas from a safety perspective as well.  Again I think these items are very much common sense items to address and believe they are top priority when it comes to safety of all residents that walk or ride our roadways.

Robb Hollow

I would like to place most of the funding to Robb Hollow however it simply isn’t possible with our needs in the community right now.  However I find three items that can be addressed with a small amount of funding and make a huge impact for resident’s use.

We purchased the home on the corner of Gilkeson and Cedar a few months ago.  Way back in 2004 Parks Plan called for us to use this area as a nice entrance for the community.  The home could have been used for a variety of issue with some money and hard work, but over the long term would have cost a considerable amount for upkeep.  I feel utilizing the area for a nice entrance and upgrading and adding new trails would be great use of the dollars.  This is a park and I feel strongly that these three items would begin key steps to bringing the park back it’s intended use.

I also want to address the issue of putting the full funding of Robb Hollow Park in the bond.  I simply can’t after 2013’s bond.  Money was there, available and it was redirected.

Deer Sterilization

We have heard from the public that they would like something done about deer management.  I have written about deer sterilization for sometime and feel that this would be the most humane, financially sustainable way with a long-term benefit for the community.

Often, I find that quick fixes, don’t work and do cost more in the end and the deer management programs we have considered fall into the category as not working long-term and do cost more.

This money could help residents with their safety concerns about deer and address some of the other concerns over a period of time.

Recycling Cans

I have been wanting to see recycling bins throughout our community, especially our parks.  The Parks Advisory Board talked about the bins for a short period of time while I was liaison and was grateful that Steve Silverman (as current PAB liaison) picked up the baton and began researching the program far more than I was able to.  I don’t think we need to get cans all at once throughout our parks or commercial districts, but I think dedicating a sum of money would be a start for some of our “hot spot” areas.


The Commission plans to discuss this issue in depth on May 27th.  I look forward to the discussion, please let me know your thoughts.

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