Update on Deer

Update:  I just wanted to give a brief update as we are getting calls, emails and inquires about the program.

First, we have received a handful of messages sharing appreciation for thinning the herd and that residents are already feeling safer from the municipality killing the deer.

I am not saying this in any other way, but matter of fact, we haven’t killed any deer yet.

This program has begun baiting but no deer have been killed.  If anything you may see more deer than usual now with the food being made available in some areas.

I noted locations in my last post and we have had to adjust these locations due to Federal laws that we were not aware of by consultants.  Mainly the effort of discharging weapons in proximity to our schools is against Federal law and the corrals were being set up too close to school property.  We are adjusting by relocating corrals in other areas of a park and in other parks we will not be able use this method of killing the deer.

We also cut Twin Hills park after Council members of Scott unanimously opposed this type of culling method in the park located in their community.

That’s the update for now…


Former Posting—-

Please be aware that the Commission received permits from the PA Game Commission to begin a corral and shoot program for deer in several locations throughout the municipality including Bird Park, McNeilly, Twin Hills, Robb Hollow, Mt Lebanon Golf Course and Conner Road Conservation District.

All areas are public and will remain open during the day.
These 8ft x 8ft corrals are near walking areas, so please keep children and pets away from the bait and enclosures.