Join me today…3:30pm Bird Park

Join me today at 3:30pm at Bird Park to begin cleaning up the mess left behind by Wildlife Specialists, LLC where the deer corals were removed.

The deer cull was ended earlier today and we need to restore the parks back to their original state.

Bring a couple of trash bags to help pick up garbage, corn feed, etc. that was left behind.  Bring your own gloves.


Update:  Thanks to all that showed to help clean up Bird Park and Robb Hollow.  We had 10 of us there working.   Corn was mostly in Bird Park and Robb Hollow was full of corn/hay.  It wasn’t that bad, a little harder than we thought, but a positive thing to do together.  Most of the corn is gone to keep rodents and other critters from being attracted to the area or neighborhood surrounding the locations.  Thank you again.

Thanks to all that couldn’t attend but emailed their support of the efforts and offered their help for Saturday.

I plan to go over to the golf course sites about 1:30pm and McNeilly property (after the Golf Course) tomorrow afternoon.  If we have a pleasant surprise like the Conner Road Conservation area that was fairly clean, GREAT!  Even better.