Lyme Disease Information

The Commissioners continues to hear from residents about their concerns regarding Lyme Disease.  The Commission has received information from the CDC and PA Game Commission in the past and I thought it would be useful to share this information with the public as we head into the season of outdoor recreation.CDC has information on this topic including facts and statistics.  Lyme Disease is a condition with many myths, misinformation and unfortunately can be misdiagnosed often.As Commissioner, I have not heard of any confirmed cases of Lyme Disease infection that occurred in our community but with the fears of the condition I thought I would send what I have to the post.

CDC Lyme Disease Widget

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SOME FAQ’s that are shared on the link…

I’ve been bitten by a tick, do I have Lyme Disease?

Is Lyme Disease sexually transmitted?

Can I get Lyme Disease anywhere in the US?

Can you recommend a doctor for treatment? (A listing is provided by the CDC)

Sign and Symptoms

Some signs and symptoms occur soon after the bite.

One being a rash or bull’s eye looking marking for a majority of those infected.

Read more on the link from the CDC…


Information about your property from the CDC…

To highlight there’s a  Create a Tick-safe Zone to Reduce Ticks in the Yard


For healthcare providers, health care workers and vets

Includes information on diagnosis, treatment and testing

Case definitions

Information for dogs and cats specifically


Facts Sheets for…

Outdoor workers



Pregnant women



Some videos related to Lyme Disease

A video on one person’s story about Lyme Disease

A video about misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease


Additional resources:

PA Game Commission



Most information provided by the CDC