Thanks to our service men and women…

I want to take a moment…and thank the service men and women and their families for the many sacrifices they have endured to allow my children and myself to live a life full of many, many freedoms that we would not otherwise have if it weren’t for a stranger’s sacrifice.

This weekend we remember those that have died in service to our country.  What does this mean to me?  Some mother, father, brother and sister lost their loved one so…

…my children can walk to and from school with little worries.

…my children can both receive an education, read books, discuss appropriate social issues and enjoy their childhood.

…I can be an elected official and publicly speak my mind as a female with little worries.

…I can send my children to school, friend’s homes, Uptown Mt Lebanon and have little worries of their safety.

…I can dream for my kid’s with little restrictions for their utmost potential and know they can live happy, long lives without suppression and unhealthy exposures.

…I can live and my children can live in a free world not having the full understanding of what it would be to not live in a free world.

For the many holidays, family occasions and moments in life that were lost because a service man or woman passed to serve our country-I, humbly and sincerely, share your sorrow, honor this weekend, celebrate the service men and women’s lives and service and want to say thank you.

Memorial Day Service in Mt Lebanon

Monday, May 25, 2015 at 7pm

Veterans Memorial entrance of Main Park



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