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In July/August issue of Mt Lebanon Magazine I discussed storm water issues that deeply affect our community and the region.  Please look at the spotlight article and the Commissioner’s column.On Mapleton


I have seen the impact that has destroyed properties and lowered their property values.  In addition, it has caused emotional as well as physical stress of each person that endures more than a trickle in their basement.

I am talking water that looks like a small rapid running down the street or in people’s backyards.  Please look at the videos I share in a previous blog.

Yesterday, I met for a couple hours with John Weinstein.  John is the Chair of Alcosan as well as the County Treasurer.  John and I discussed Mt Lebanon specific storm water issues not only in Ward 5 but throughout Mt Lebanon.  We discussed our shared goal of not only seeing green infrastructure added in a storm water plan but more importantly having a regional plan with neighboring communities.

on Castle ShannonAs I have said with many topics, Mt Lebanon cannot stand alone in resolving some of our issues that affect us.  We need to work with neighboring communities to come up with viable, sustainable solutions.

Please see this important video about Philadelphia and their grassroots efforts to make a larger impact on storm water.


We need to continue this discussion as a community.

Many thanks to the residents for these photos and videos.

Video below and pic above provided by B. Batten

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