Letter From Kelly

I am pleased to announce that I am running for re-election in Ward 5 for a second term. During these first three years, I learned about and tackled important issues and concerns that faced my Ward 5 neighbors and all of our community, but I feel I have only scratched the surface.

This past year, the commission focused on several divisive issues, yet there are many more meaningful and impactful problems that we have just started to understand and address.  Some, I have tackled and made great strides and others will still take additional time, effort and commitment.

The most important issues that we are all concerned about taxes and fiscal responsibility, safety of our walkable neighborhoods, and economic development— will take much more time and effort to develop sustainable strategies and create mutually agreeable solutions.

The experience and relationships that I have built during my first term have put me in a much stronger position to tackle these real concerns.

If I felt I couldn’t make a difference in a meaningful, positive way I would walk away but I believe I have the ability in the next four year term to continue working hard for the residents of Ward 5 and the rest of the community.

I have a great team assembled to support my campaign in 2015 and appreciate their efforts, time and commitment to help me get re-elected.

For more information on my campaign, we will have a new website up in the near future giving you details about the campaign efforts in the next few months.

Thank you,